Terms of Use

MyAdPrice is a free browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. It allows you to track how much money advertisers bid to show you ads as you surf the Web. MyAdPrice is built by researchers at Duke University, Max Planck Institute for Informatics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and ETH Z├╝rich. It can be downloaded via our Web site or through the browser extension stores.

GDPR Compliance

MyAdPrice is GDPR compliant. By default, we do not store any information about our users. We do not use cookies.

What data do you collect?

We respect your right to privacy. By default, MyAdPrice sends out no data from your device.

Optionally, to compare your ad prices to those of other users, you can opt in to send the following aggregated, anonymized data to our servers:

Please note that we have no way of separating your visits from those of any other user's. MyAdPrice stores several pieces of data on your device using your browser's storage:

If the above does not address your privacy concerns adequately, please let us know at <waqeel> at cs dot duke .edu

What if MyAdPrice does not work properly?

MyAdPrice is provided "as is" and on an "as available" basis. Your use of MyAdPrice is at your own risk. We make no warranty or condition that MyAdPrice will meet your requirements or be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free.

MyAdPrice should not cause any side-effects on Web sites you visit, except for an insignificant, unnoticeable slowdown. If you observe significant slowdowns, please inform us immediately at <waqeel> at cs dot duke .edu

What do you mean "MyAdPrice is free to use?"

MyAdPrice is an open source project, licensed under GPLv3, and can be used by anyone free of charge. The source code can be accessed here. The use of MyAdPrice is subject to the restrictions of the GPLv3.

How does MyAdPrice work?

Most Web sites that show ads use some libraries to facilitate the serving and display of ads. Prebid.js is one such library. MyAdPrice works by probing well-known elements of Prebid.js and displaying the obtained information in a convenient format. This means that MyAdPrice does not do anything when you visit a website that does not show ads, or does not use Prebid.js to show ads.